Mission Statement

To restore and optimize body wellness through a holistic approach of  functional medicine , hormone balancing and nutrition in order to promote the highest quality of life and longevity to individuals in all stages of their life.

Philosophy Statement

Welcome to The Center for Anti-Aging Medicine and Hormone Wellness.  We are so pleased that you have chosen us to help you restore your body’s optimal and youthful function.  Our bodies age at different rates, and to different levels depending on our cumulative experience with nutrition, hormonal imbalance, environmental toxins, as well as genetic predisposition.  We have found, that in most cases, there is much that can be done to restore our bodies to a better level of wellness and longevity, so that we can enjoy the best quality of life possible at any given age.  

Our functional medicine approach orchestrates your body’s organs and systems into harmony.  It focuses on supplying the essential nutrients and hormonal balance that will allow your body to use its own healing and restorative properties to optimize your health and well-being.

Our goal is to provide a peaceful, relaxed setting where you can express your concerns in an unrushed manner.Together, you and Dr. Peters will create a plan tailored to your goals.  You will experience a  change in your physical self, your attitude about life, and most importantly your wellness.