The Anti-Aging Lifestyle

People often ask me what is an “anti-aging lifestyle”, what is an “anti-aging diet”, what are “anti-aging treatments”?  The term “Anti-Aging” has become a very general term that can have many meanings.

In my opinion, “anti-aging” simply means to slow the aging process so that we age as gracefully and healthfully as possible.  Aging is inevitable, so our goal should be to do all that we can to be as healthy as we can at the end of our lives.  This requires preparation, and the sooner we begin this process the better the quality of our health will be as we age.

I consider there to be 4 areas to the good anti-aging care.  These include nutrition, nutritional supplements, exercise and hormone balancing. Each of these areas are equally important.  They work together in an integrated fashion for the good of the entire body.

Anti-aging nutrition includes a diet that includes adequate protein intake (typically about 1 gram/kg body weight), limited simple carbohydrates (preferably low glycemic index foods), and adequate amounts of polyunsaturated oil, like olive oil.  In addition, a diet rich in berries, fiber, fatty fish, chicken, plenty of water, cruciferous vegetables (broccoli) and occasional red wine.

There are numerous nutritional supplements available.  While, in my opinion, everyone should be taking basic supplements including a multivitamin, fish oils, an antioxidant and CoQ10, there are many others that should be prescribed specifically for each individual depending on need. This will depend on testing and each person’s concerns  and goals.

Exercise is of critical importance.  In general, exercise programs should include about 50% aerobic (cardiovascular) training and 50% resistance or weight training.  Weight training becomes more important as we age beyond 50 years old as this is the time when sarcopenia (age-related muscle loss) begins.  It is also important to include high intensity interval training (HIIT) into our exercise programs as this is a form of anaerobic training. Anaerobic training helps to build muscle mass and fitness in a very efficient manner.

Both women and men lose vital hormones as they age including estrogen and testosterone.  These hormones are critically important to maintain sexual health, muscle mass, and sharp cognitive function.  Hormone replacement must be delicately and specifically replaced to achieve a maximum beneficial effect. This requires expert knowledge in endocrinology, along with specific testing to achieve proper individualized hormonal balancing.

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